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News 2015

ITQB Bridge Fellowships
Applications are open till March 22
Plants for Life PhD Program: day 1
International PhD Program officially starts on March 6
A global perspective of RNases
Next generation sequencing reveals effect of bacterial exoribonucleases
A new family of proteins for energy metabolism
Researchers identify a new NADH dehydrogenase in anaerobic bacteria
A switch between life forms
BolA protein controls bacteria biofilm formation
ERC Consolidator Grant for Cristina Silva Pereira
Project will focus on antifungal strategies
Unpredictable miscibility
Researchers study Fluorinated Ionic Liquids soluble in water
Plant Metabolomics
Review paper sets base for research area at ITQB
In support of curiosity-driven research
Researchers identify a new pathway for the synthesis of inositol phospholipids in cell membranes
Social Media for Scientists
NOVA Doctoral School course is now also an e-book
New Year Honour for Prof. Kenneth Seddon
Order of the British Empire attributed to ITQB’s Visiting Professor
Different from equal
Cell differentiation in plant roots is associated to histone dynamics
MolBioS PhD Program: day 1
PhD Program officially starts on January 8
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