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News 2015

A fresh look at sulfur metabolism
Researchers challenge textbook description of microbial sulfur pathway
Carbon monoxide carriers as antimicrobial drugs
Seven CO releasing molecules analysed in detail
Prize for cork oak sequencing
Genosuber considered an elevated potential project
Four MOSTMICRO Research Positions available
Applications are welcome till January 31 2016
6th ITQB-NOVA PhD Students' Meeting
PhD Students discuss their work from 18 to 20 April
Starting Green-it
Researcher organize kick-off meeting
Turning microbes into factories
Engineering bacteria for producing bulk chemicals
Inter-institutional postdoc retreat in Setubal
More than 120 postdocs in life sciences gather to discuss their future
Be the Missing Link: Postdoc Interface Fellowships
Applications are open till November 13
From hot springs to new antimicrobials
Biosynthesis in hyperthermophiles paves the way to novel anti-tuberculosis targets
“Um cientista vem à nossa escola”
Semana da Ciência e Tecnologia 2015
Bend it like KSHV
Herpesvirus protein promotes DNA bending required for replication
Know your targets
Biochemistry of bacterial respiratory chain protein elucidated
The nobel prize in chemistry to DNA repair
Researchers organize kick-off meeting of research unit
[Sociedade] Resistir - quando as bactérias resistem a antibióticos
Exposição no Centro Ciência Viva de Sintra conta com apoio do ITQB
Cheers to Manuel Nunes da Ponte
Former ITQB Director honoured by colleagues and students
Sensing the ground
Rice roots response to touch involves specific protein degradation
Super-Resolution Microscopy in Infection and Immunity
Registrations are open to October symposium in Oeiras
Yet a new role for multirole proteins
RuvBL1 and RuvBL2 involved in protein disaggregation
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