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News 2011

A legume's response to lack of water
Small RNAs modulate plant response under stress
Academia and Pharma together to accelerate cancer target validation
New European Consortium includes a Portuguese research team
Crystal, crystal on the wall…
Most beautiful protein crystals selected for cover
Best PhD Thesis Prize 2010
Thesis on systems biology by António Roldão selected by juri
Protein Data Bank roadshow at ITQB
Registrations are open till May 2
Prémio António Xavier 2010
Call for proposals
Basic Experimental Techniques in Biological Dynamics
Call for applications to ESF-ITQB workshop
How bacteria trick each other in their math
Researchers reveal how bacterial signal molecule is destroyed
Interbio Symposium ‘Frontiers in Protein Research'
Registrations are now open
What would you ask a Nobel Prize winner?
Visit from Ada Yonath, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2009
Painting with microorganisms
Sci & Art paper by resident artist at ITQB
Our cousins, the sea stars
Proteomics of echinoderm nervous tissue reveals similarities with mammals
Do tree-like molecules fold?
Researchers reveal the conformational behaviour of peptide dendrimers
Dia Aberto – Aqui há química!
Convite dos investigadores para sábado, dia 26 de Março
4th CERMAX practical course on basic NMR
Registrations are now open
High prevalence of MRSA in Portuguese buses
Researchers highlight the need for infection control measures
Terry Fox grant for ITQB researcher
Project aims to understand a molecular mechanism in prostate cancer
Rare but equal
Raising awareness of rare diseases
Dia Aberto – Aqui há química!
Convite dos investigadores para sábado, dia 26 de Março
Speaking of chemistry…
Top-100 chemists of the last decade includes Kenneth R. Seddon
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