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News 2011

Noite europeia dos investigadores
ITQB marca presença no Pavilhão do Conhecimento
INTERBIO Summer School starts
Learning about NMR applications in Protein Research
Portuguese participation in Instruct
Presenting the European infrastructure initiative for structural biology
Hands-on protein identification by mass spec
Open registrations for RNEM training course
Training Course in Differential Gel Electrophoresis
Call for registrations
Forest 2050. Thinking the Future
Symposium to discuss the cultivated forest in Portugal
Light and water games by João Rocha
António V. Xavier Seminars continue in 2011/12
Encapsulating stem cells
Researchers devise new strategy for large-scale cell production
Plant Proteomics in Europe
Journal of Proteomics highlights success of European network
Business opportunity for vaccine stabiliser
ITQB’s team successfully completes COHiTEC Program
Judging from the outside
Surface tension gives clues on ionic liquids’ nature
Solids, Solutions and Samples in NMR
Registration is open for the 3rd EU/CCPN Conference
Happy Birthday IGC
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência celebrates the 50th
Dia do ITQB 2011
Celebrating ITQB's integration in UNL
Masters Course in Science Communication at UNL
Innovative course coordinated by FCSH and ITQB
An article dedicated to the memory of Antonio Xavier
The role of iron in evolution by R.J.P. Williams
Optimizing microbial fuel cells
Best poster awarded to ITQB PhD student
The intricate secrets of cellular import/export
Researchers unravel conformational changes of ABC transporters
Microbes inside by Willem de Vos
Next Frontier Leader's Seminar is tomorrow
Investigação de Verão
Pequenos estágios nos laboratórios do ITQB
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