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News 2018

More than cells
New method to grow neural cells provides an extracellular environment more similar to the real brain
Cláudia Nunes dos Santos is new ERC Awardee
Research project will focus on the relationship between food and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases
Innovative bio-based crop protection solutions
InnovPlantProtect - Laboratório Colaborativo (CoLAB)
2019 Edition PhD Program - Biology at the Host Microbe Interface
Call for applications is open until October, 2018
Unique and environmental friendly catalysis
ITQB NOVA chemistry research on the frontcover of ChemCatChem
Inês Trindade awarded Best Oral Presentation
Research developed at Ricardo Louro Lab was distinguished at 14th European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference
Celebrating International Microorganism Day
Hands on activities and talks by ITQB NOVA researchers
Understanding the enemy
Structure of cancer related protein was described by ITQB NOVA researchers
Taking drugs where they are needed
New paper on the interface between chemistry, biophysics and molecular simulation
Mariana Gomes de Pinho and team recipients of 2018 Pfizer Award
Annual Pfizer Awards distinguish works in Basic Research and Clinical Research
European scientists unite to safeguard precision breeding for sustainable agriculture
ITQB NOVA is one of the institutions that endorses this position paper
Let there be light
Starts today the twinning project "Twin to Illuminate Metals in Biology and Biocatalysis through Biospectroscopy”
4th General meeting GREEN-IT
Annual meeting of Green-it research unit
Catarina Veríssimo Esteves recipient of the Metrohm Young Chemist Award 2018
ITQB NOVA researcher was distinguished with 1st prize Young Chemist Award 2018
Scientists meaning business
New course to promote entrepreneurship in scientists, partnership ITQB NOVA and NOVA SBE
ITQB NOVA celebrates science and technology week
Joining scientists and society since 2005
In Nature nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed
Use of pesticides can increase pathogenicity of soil fungi
Biorefineries for the XXI century
New EU project on bacterial enzymes and bioprocesses for lignin valorisation
Miguel Teixeira nominated as F1000 Faculty Member
ITQB NOVA researcher is now part of the Bioinorganic Chemistry reviewers
PhD Fellowships for PTNMR PhD Program
Call for applications at the Doctoral Programme in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Applied to Chemistry, Materials and Biosciences
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