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Research Projects 2017

For Masters Students

Master Research Projects

Below you can find a list of Master Research Projects and Research Laboratories available to receive students in 2017.

All students developing research projects at ITQB NOVA may apply to the university extension courses to certify their training. Summer training may also, upon evaluation, award a small number of credits.

For applications and further informations, students should contact directly the Laboratory coordinators (please follow the laboratory links for contacts).  When available, the summaries of the research projects are also provided here.


Chemistry Divison

  • Bioorganic Chemistry Laboratory - Rita Ventura Lab

    • Enantioselective Organocatalysis: Synthesis and Application of Novel Organocatalysts [pdf] [pt]

    • Synthesis of compatible solutes with protein thermostabilisation properties [pdf] [pt]

    • Synthesis of DPD and new analogues, the precursor of AI-2, the bacterial signalling molecule for inter-species communication [pdf]

    • Produção de proteínas recombinantes em culturas de células vegetais: modulação epigenética da expressão de transgenes através de compostos químicos potenciadores [pdf] [pt]
      Rita Ventura e Rita Abranches

  • Coordination and Supramolecular Chemistry - Rita Delgado Lab
    • Design and study of metal complexes interesting for nuclear imaging applications [pdf]
      Luís M. P. Lima e Rita Delgado
    • Development of metal-based fluorescent sensors for the detection of phosphorylated anions [pdf]
      Luís M. P. Lima e Rita Delgado
  • Homogeneous Catalysis - Beatriz Royo Lab
    • Catalytic Water Oxidation: splitting water to produce H2 [pdf]
    • Sustainable Catalysis based on First-row Transition Metals [pdf]
  • Separation and Extraction Technologies - Isabel M. Marrucho Lab
    • Novos Solventes Sustentáveis – Solventes Eutéticos [pdf][pt]
      Isabel M. Marrucho
    • Desenvolvimento de Suspensões de Grafeno usando Líquidos Iónicos [pdf][pt]
      Isabel M. Marrucho
    • Separação de Dióxido de Carbono Usando Membranas de Líquidos Iónicos [pdf][pt]
      Isabel M. Marrucho


Biological Chemistry Divison

  • Bacterial Energy Metabolism - Inês A. Cardoso Pereira Lab

    • Exploring new microorganisms for bioremediation of wastes containing pharmaceutical compounds [pdf]
      Inês Cardoso Pereira, Mónica Martins

    • Synthesis of new biological catalysts for removal of environmental contaminants [pdf]
      Inês Cardoso Pereira, Mónica Martins

  • Biological Energy Transduction - Manuela M. Pereira Lab

  • Genomics and Stress Laboratory - Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada Lab

    • Mechanisms involved in homeostasis control when yeast cells are exposed to different environmental cues

  • Industry and Medicine Applied Crystallography - Pedro Matias Lab

    • Crystallisation and structure determination of protein-DNA complexes of Endonuclease III from the extreme radiation and desiccation resistant bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans [pdf]
      Elin Moe, Pedro Matias

  • Inorganic Biochemistry and NMR - Ricardo O. Louro Lab

    • Functional study of a focal protein in the anaerobic respiratory metabolism of a bacterium capable of power up microbial fuel cells [pdf]
      Catarina M. Paquete, Ricardo O. Louro

    • Detailed characterization of UndA: a redox protein from a Uranium reducing bacterium [pdf]
      Catarina M. Paquete, Ricardo O. Louro

    • An evolutionary process: unraveling the functionality of conserved proteins in different Shewanella species [pdf]
      Catarina M. Paquete, Ricardo O. Louro

  • Membrane Protein Crystallography - Margarida Archer Lab

    • Design of Biocompatible Fluorinated Ionic Liquids for Protein Drug Delivery Systems [pdf]
      Margarida Archer and Ana B. Pereiro

    • Structural and functional characterization of acetate membrane transporters [pdf]
      Margarida Archer Frazão  and Margarida Casal

    • Structural and functional studies on autolysins from Staphylococcus aureus [pdf]
      Margarida Archer Frazão and Mariana Pinho

  • Microbial & Enzyme Technology - Ligia O. Martins Lab

    • Evolutionary fitness of oxidoreductive enzymes [pdf]

    • X-ray studies of a suitable enzyme for medical diagnosis biosensors [pdf]

    • Methyl-NMR for studying substrate binding to a hyperthermophilic metalloxidase [pdf]

  • Molecular Mechanisms of Pathogen Resistance - Ligia M. Saraiva Lab

    • Carbon monoxide releasing molecules- a novel type of antimicrobial therapeutic drug?

    • Study  of the Pathogen Resistance to the Human Immune System

  • Protein Modeling - Cláudio M. Soares Lab

    • Proton pumping mechanisms of the M2 protein from influenza vírus [pdf]
      Cláudio M. Soares, Diana Lousa & Ana Sofia Oliveira

    • Structural and dynamic properties of the Dengue fusion peptide in a membrane bilayer: A computational approach [pdf]
      Cláudio Soares and Diana Lousa

    • Study of O2 diffusion in Cytochrome c Oxidases [pdf]
      Cláudio M. Soares and Ana Sofia Oliveira

  • Raman Spectroscopy of Metalloproteins - Smilja Todorovic Lab
    • Targeting the metal cluster in DNA repair enzymes [pdf]
      Elin Moe (Macromolecular Crystallography Unit ), Smilja Todorovic
  • Structural Virology - Colin E. McVey

    • Role of LANA in the establishment and maintenance of the KSHV epigenome [pdf]

    • The effect of Ubiquitin-Specific Protease 7 on DNA binding activity of LANA [pdf]


Biology Divison

  • Applied and Environmental Mycology - Cristina Silva Pereira Lab

    • Aplicação de filmes de suberina no desenvolvimento de materiais bio-funcionais [pdf][pt]
    • Morphological alterations in filamentous fungi induced by fungal metabolites produced under imposition of an ionic liquids stress [pdf]
    • The role of suberin degradation in signaling morphogenesis/development during fungal saprophytic and pathogenic life-cycles [pdf]
      Cristina Silva Pereira; Isabel Martins
    • Gene regulation of the catabolism of aromatics in the saprophytic fungus Aspergillus nidulans [pdf]
      Cristina Silva Pereira; Tiago Martins
    • Defeating the human pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus in indoor environments through the use of tailored ionic liquids [pdf]
      Cristina Silva Pereira; Marija Petkovic
  • Bacterial Cell Biology  - Mariana Pinho Lab

    • Using CRISPR to study divisome assembly in Staphylococcus aureus 

  • Bacterial Cell Surfaces and Pathogenesis - Sérgio R. Filipe Lab

    • Role of PGN hydrolases in the ability of S. aureus to evade the host innate immune system [pdf]

  • Cell Physiology and NMR - Helena Santos Lab

    • Reverting the carbon cycle: from CO2 to biodiesel [pdf]
      Luís G. Gonçalves, Helena Santos

  • Cell Signaling in Drosophila - Pedro M. Domingos Lab

    • Analysis of the molecular mechanisms regulating ER stress induced cell death in Drosophila [pdf]

  • Cellular Neurobiology - Federico Herrera Lab
    • Mechanistic control of astrogliogenesis and the glial scar for the success of regenerative medicine against central nervous system (CNS) pathologies, such as neurodegenerative disorders, spinal cord injury, brain trauma and stroke.
    • New tools for optogenetic control of neural cell behavior and fate.
    • CNS regeneration in the planaria Schmidtea Mediterranea.
  • Glycobiology - Júlia Costa Lab

  • Molecular Genetics - Hermínia de Lencastre Lab

    • Evolução da resistência a biocidas em Staphylococcus aureus em Portugal ao longo dos anos [pdf]
      Teresa Conceição, Hermínia de Lencastre, Marta Aires-de-Sousa

  • Single Molecule Microbiology - Zach Hensel Lab

    • Engineering low-noise gene expression systems for single-molecule
      experiments [pdf]

    • Improved techniques for single-molecule mRNA detection and tracking
      in living E. coli cells [pdf]

    • Mechanism of cell-cycle-dependent gene regulation using single-molecule microscopy of bacteriophage λ transcriptional repressors Cro and CI [pdf]

Plant Sciences Divison

  • GPlantS - Margarida Oliveira Lab

    • Characterization of Jatropha curcas drought responsive genes [pdf]
      Margarida Oliveira, Tiago Lourenço

    • Unveiling SUMO conjugating enzymes role in rice (Oryza sativa) [pdf]
      Isabel Abreu

    • Exploring the role of the plant hormone modulator SLR1, in rice response to abiotic stress [pdf]
      Isabel Abreu

    • Identification of transcription factors regulating cork oak (Quercus suber)
      QsUNK1 gene during abiotic and biotic stress response

      Margarida Oliveira, Pedro Barros [pdf]

  • Plant Cell Biology - Rita Abranches Lab

    • Produção de proteínas recombinantes em culturas de células vegetais: modulação epigenética da expressão de transgenes através de compostos químicos potenciadores [pdf] [pt]
      Rita Abranches e Rita Ventura

  • Plant Cell Biotechnology - Pedro Fevereiro Lab

  • Plant Metabolomics - Carla António Lab

    • Target metabolomics approaches to study plant responses to abiotic stress [pdf]

  • Plant Molecular Ecophysiology - Maria Manuela Chaves Lab

    • Wine grape quality – proteomics approach [pdf]
      Carla Pinheiro e Olfa Zarrouk


Technology Divison

  • Advanced Cell Models - Catarina Brito Lab Animal Cell Technology Unit

    • Exploring stem cell‐derived 3D models to unravel the role of  microenvironment remodelling in neurological disorders [pdf]
      Catarina Brito

    • Patient‐derived tumour cell models in stirred‐tank bioreactors [pdf]
      Catarina Brito & Vítor Espírito Santo

  • Animal Cell Technology Unit
    • Novas linhas celulares hepáticas para investigação, teste de fármacos e desenvolvimento de vacinas [pdf]
      Ana Filipa Rodrigues
    • Engenharia genética de linhas celulares humanas para o melhoramento da produção de vectores virais para terapia génica [pdf]
      Ana Sofia Coroadinha
    • Nova geração de vectores lentivirais para terapia génica [pdf]
      Ana Sofia Coroadinha
    • Novel strategies for production, purification and maturation of cardiomyocytes derived from human pluripotent stem cells [pdf]
      Margarida Serra
    • Mathematical Modelling of Mass Transfer in 3D Cell Cultures [pdf]
      António Roldão, Margarida Serra and Catarina Brito

  • Biomolecular Diagnostics - Abel Gonzalez Oliva Lab
    • Metabolomic analysis of sweat, a contribution to the development of less-invasive diagnostic methods [pdf]
    • Metabolomic characterization of different sweat samples collection methods towards clinical purposes [pdf]
    • Production of hybrids from Medicago spp. protoplast by microfluidic chip [pdf]
    • Single cell analysis of keratinocytes cells in microfluidic platform [pdf]
    • Design and construction of microfluidic arrangement for downstream purification of proteins by ionic liquids [pdf]
    • Sorting recombinant Escherichia coli cells inside droplets by a microfluidic arrangement [pdf]
  • Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutical Analysis - Ana Luisa Simplício Lab [pdf]
  • Mass Spectrometry - Ana Coelho
    • Find biomarkers for diagnosing tuberculosis by proteomics based approaches [pdf]
    • Impact of seawater acidification in starfish regeneration – a proteomic approach [pdf]
    • Dynamics of circulating coelomocytes populations during star-fish regeneration [pdf]
  • Microbiology of Man-made Environments - Teresa Crespo Lab 
    • Characterization of the microbial populations enrolled in the antimicrobial degradation in wastewater treatment plants [pdf]
      Teresa Crespo and Ana Filipa Silva
  • Molecular Nutrition & Health - Cláudia Santos Lab

    • Role of Islet Amyloid Polipeptide in the progression of Diabetes Mellitus and identification of compounds preventing its aggregation [pdf]
      Regina  Menezes, Claudia Nunes dos Santos and Vanessa Oliveira

    • Increased levels of Islet Amyloid PoliPeptide – IAPP – as a risk factor for Diabetes Mellitus [pdf]
      Regina Menezes, Rogério Ribeiro, Paula Pinto

    • Unraveling phenolics with potential therapeutic application for neurodegeneration [pdf]
      Claudia Nunes dos Santos and Regina Menezes

    • Modulation of neuroinflammation by phenolic sulfates metabolites [pdf]
      Cláudia Nunes dos Santos and Gonçalo Garcia

  • Nutraceuticals and Delivery - Catarina Duarte Lab
    • Development of a "green process" for the isolation of natural functional extracts with anti-cancer activity - Application of high-pressure technology [pdf]
      Catarina Duarte; Ana Teresa Serra
    • Preparation of functional microsystems with application in cellular expansion and differentiation - Application of supercritical fluid technology [pdf]
      Catarina Duarte; Ana Matias
    • Particle engineering for the optimization of Pharmacologically active microcarriers [pdf]
      Ana Matias; Margarida Serra
    • Evaluation of neurotoxicity of solid lipid nanoparticles: uptake and cellular response using an human neuroblastoma cell line [pdf]
      Ana Matias; Claúdia Nunes dos Santos
    • Evaluation of immunomodulation properties of b-glucans on human enterocytes [pdf]
      Ana Matias; Catarina Duarte
    • Nutraceuticals from Brassicaceae: Solubility measurements of bioactive compounds from crucifeous vegetables in supercritical carbon dioxide [pdf]
      Ana Matias; Catarina Duarte
    • Characterization of antioxidant capacity of food and beverages - Evaluation and establishment of structure- activity relationships [pdf]
      Catarina Duarte; Maria Rosário Bronze
    • Evaluation of cardioprotective effect of natural ingredients [pdf]
      Ana Teresa Serra; Margarida Serra

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