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Available Research Projects

For Master Students

Below you can find a list of Master Research Projects and Research Laboratories available to receive students.

All students developing research projects at ITQB NOVA may apply to the university extension courses to certify their training. Summer training may also, upon evaluation, award a small number of credits.

For applications and further informations, students should contact directly the Laboratory coordinators (please follow the laboratory links for contacts).  When available, the summaries of the research projects are also provided here.


Current Available Projects


Adriano O. Henriques Lab - Microbial Development

  • Development of new tools to study biofilm development in Clostridium difficile. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact: |

  • Caracterização funcional e estrutural de reguladores da formação de biofilme. More info: PDF | and Tiago Cordeiro Lab - Dynamic Structural Biology

Supervisor contact: |

Ana Coelho Lab - Proteomics of Non-Model Organisms

  • Identification of cell wall-specific targets for antimicrobials against Staphylococcus epidermidis pathogenic strains. More info: PDF

  • Staphylococcus epidermidis cell wall proteome remodeling induced by skin-to-blood pH shift in commensal vs pathogenic strains. More info: PDF

  • Impact of regeneration on nerve metabolome. More info: PDF  

Supervisor contact:

Cecília Arraiano Lab -Control of Gene Expression

  • Optimização da produção de vectores lentivirais através de elementos sintéticos estabilizadores de RNA. More info PDF

    Supervisors contact: Sandra Viegas - & Ana Filipa Rodrigues - 

Cristina Silva Pereira Lab - Applied and Environmental Mycology

  • Unravelling pathogenic trade-offs in filamentous fungi exposed to a chemical stress. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact: |

  • The role of suberin degradation in signaling  morphogenesis/development during fungal saprophytic and pathogenic life-cycles. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact: |

Federico Herrera Lab - Cell Structure and Dynamics

  • The role of post-translational modifications and protein interactions in STAT3 behavior. More info: PDF
  • Mechanistic control of astrogliogenesis and the glial scar for the success of regenerative medicine against central nervous system (CNS) pathologies, such as neurodegenerative disorders, spinal cord injury, brain trauma and stroke.
  • New tools for optogenetic control of neural cell behavior and fate.

Supervisor contact:

Helena Santos Lab - Cell Physiology and NMR 

  • Reverting the carbon cycle: from CO2 to biodiesel. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact: |

Sérgio R. Filipe Lab - Bacterial Cell Surfaces and Pathogenesis

  • Role of PGN hydrolases in the ability of S. aureus to evade the host innate immune system. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact:

Zach Hensel Lab - Single Molecule Microbiology 

  • Improved techniques for single-molecule mRNA detection and tracking in living E. coli cells. More info: PDF
  • Mechanism of cell-cycle-dependent gene regulation using single-molecule microscopy of bacteriophage λ transcriptional repressors Cro and CI. More info: PDF

​Supervisor contact:



Abel Gonzalez Oliva Lab - Biomolecular Diagnostics

  • Development of biopolymer substrates for reconstructed dermis growth. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact:

Ana Sofia Coroadinha Lab - Cell Line Development and Molecular Biotechnology

  • Chimeric lentiviral vectors for gene therapy. More info: PDF
  • Advanced cell-based biosensors for detection of label-free viral pathogens. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact:

  • Novas linhas celulares hepáticas para investigação, teste de fármacos e desenvolvimento de vacinas. More info: PDF

Catarina Brito Lab - Advanced Cell Models

  • Exploring stem cell‐derived 3D models to unravel the role of microenvironment remodelling in neurological disorders. More info: PDF

  • Exploiting 3D cell models to study the role of macrophages in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma aggressiveness. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact:


Plant Sciences

Carla António Lab - Plant Metabolomics

  • Target metabolomics approaches to study plant responses to abiotic stress. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact:

Célia Miguel Lab - Forest Biotech  

  • Characterization of Arabidopsis mutants altered in periderm formation. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact:

Isabel Abreu Lab - Proteome Regulation in Plants

  • Unveiling SUMO conjugating enzymes role in rice (Oryza sativa). More info: PDF

  • Exploring the role of the plant hormone modulator SLR1, in rice response to abiotic stress. More info: PDF

  • Quantification of protein levels of PEPC protein kinase. More info: PDF

  • Identification of the E3-ligase mediating phosphoenolpyruvate (PEPC) ubiquitination. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact:


Biological Chemistry

Alvaro H. Crevenna Lab - Biomolecular Self-Organization

  • Painting cells with DNA. More info: PDF
  • Discovering the principles of membrane‐less organelles. More info: PDF
  • How cells sense force? More info: PDF

Supervisor contact:

Claudina R. Pousada Lab - Genomics and Stress

  • Evaluation of the anticandidal activity of polyphenol metabolites. More info: PDF
  • Transcriptional regulation of arsenic stress response in yeast: functional characterization of a novel player. More info: PDF

Supervisor: Catarina Pimentel:

Cláudio M. Soares Lab - Protein Modeling

  • Molecular determinants of the chikungunya virus fusion peptide activity. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact: |

Colin E. McVey Lab - Structural Virology

  • Role of LANA in the establishment and maintenance of the KSHV epigenome. More info: PDF
  • The effect of Ubiquitin-Specific Protease 7 on DNA binding activity of LANA. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact:

Inês A. Cardoso Pereira Lab - Bacterial Energy Metabolism

  • Unravelling energy conservation mechanism in sulfate reducing prokaryotes. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact: |

  • Studies on the role of DsrD in dissimilatory sulfite reduction. More info: PDF

    Supervisor contact: |

Ligia M. Saraiva Lab - Molecular Mechanisms of Pathogen Resistance

  • Study  of the Pathogen Resistance to the Human Immune System
  • Heme Homeostasis in Pathogens
  • Carbon monoxide releasing molecules- a novel type of antimicrobial therapeutic drug?

Supervisor contact:

Ligia O. Martins Lab - Microbial & Enzyme Technology 

  • Novel biosensors for medical diagnosis. More info: PDF

  • New industrial value chains from organic wastes. More info: PDF

  • Enzyme´s fitness evolution. More info: PDF

  • Biorefineries: production of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical bio-products. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact:

Manuel N. Melo Lab - Multiscale Modeling

  • Simulating the power stroke of the ATP synthase rotor. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact:

  • Characterizing the quinone binding sites in S. aureus respiratory oxireductases by coarse-grained simulations | and Manuela M. Pereira Lab - Biological Energy Transduction. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact: |

  • Combining experiment and simulation to characterize intrinsically and disorderd proteins | and Tiago N. Cordeiro Lab - Dynamic Structural Biology. More info: Pdf

Supervisor contact: |

Maria Arménia Carrondo Lab - Structural Genomics

  • Unveiling the radiation resistance mechanisms of Deinococcus radiodurans. More info: PDF

  • Molecular evolution of an antagonism between MYB transcription factors. More info: PDF

Supervisor: Célia V. Romão -

Miguel Teixeira Lab - Metalloenzymes and Molecular Bioenergetics

  • Unraveling a key O2/NO detoxification mechanism of an enterohemorrahagic E. coli strain. More info: PDF
  • Unraveling a key survival mechanism in anaerobic Clostridia pathogens. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact: |

Pedro Matias Lab - Industry and Medicine Applied Crystallography

  • Crystallisation and structure determination of protein-DNA complexes of Endonuclease III from the extreme radiation and desiccation resistant bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact: |

Ricardo O. Louro Lab - Inorganic Biochemistry and NMR

  • Structural and biochemical characterization of FccA from human pathogen Shewanella algae. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact: |

  • Functional study of a focal protein in the anaerobic respiratory metabolism of a bacterium capable of power up microbial fuel cells. More info: PDF
  • Detailed characterization of UndA: a redox protein from a Uranium reducing bacterium. More info: PDF
  • Engineering the “super bug” towards bioenergy production. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact: |

Tiago Cordeiro Lab - Dynamic Structural Biology

  • Caracterização funcional e estrutural de reguladores da formação de biofilme. More info: PDF | and Adriano Henriques Lab - Microbial Development

Supervisor contact: |

  • Combining experiment and simulation to characterize intrinsically and disorderd proteins | and Manuel N. Melo Lab - Multiscale Modeling. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact: |

  • Host-Pathogens interactions blocking immune response. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact:




Ana Petronilho Lab - Bioorganometallic Chemistry

  • Development of Sustainable Catalytic Systems Based on DNA scaffolds. More info: PDF

  • Development of Novel AZT Derivatives Based on Triazoles. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact:

Rita Ventura Lab - Bioorganic Chemistry Laboratory

  • Enantioselective Organocatalysis: Synthesis and Application of Novel Organocatalysts. More info: PDF
  • Synthesis of DPD and new analogues, the precursor of AI-2, the bacterial signalling molecule for inter-species communication. More info: PDF
  • Synthesis of APOE4 domain interaction peptidomimetic inhibitors  for Alzheimer’s disease. More info: PDF

Supervisor contact:




Previous projects



  • Coordination and Supramolecular Chemistry - Rita Delgado Lab
    • Design and study of metal complexes interesting for nuclear imaging applications [pdf]
      Luís M. P. Lima e Rita Delgado
    • Development of metal-based fluorescent sensors for the detection of phosphorylated anions [pdf]
      Luís M. P. Lima e Rita Delgado
  • Separation and Extraction Technologies - Isabel M. Marrucho Lab
    • Novos Solventes Sustentáveis – Solventes Eutéticos [pdf][pt]
      Isabel M. Marrucho
    • Desenvolvimento de Suspensões de Grafeno usando Líquidos Iónicos [pdf][pt]
      Isabel M. Marrucho
    • Separação de Dióxido de Carbono Usando Membranas de Líquidos Iónicos [pdf][pt]
      Isabel M. Marrucho


Biological Chemistry

  • Membrane Protein Crystallography - Margarida Archer Lab

    • Design of Biocompatible Fluorinated Ionic Liquids for Protein Drug Delivery Systems [pdf]
      Margarida Archer and Ana B. Pereiro

    • Structural and functional characterization of acetate membrane transporters [pdf]
      Margarida Archer Frazão  and Margarida Casal

    • Structural and functional studies on autolysins from Staphylococcus aureus [pdf]
      Margarida Archer Frazão and Mariana Pinho

  • Raman Spectroscopy of Metalloproteins - Smilja Todorovic Lab
    • Targeting the metal cluster in DNA repair enzymes [pdf]
      Elin Moe (Macromolecular Crystallography Unit ), Smilja Todorovic


  • Cell Signaling in Drosophila - Pedro M. Domingos Lab

    • Analysis of the molecular mechanisms regulating ER stress induced cell death in Drosophila [pdf]

  • Molecular Genetics - Hermínia de Lencastre Lab

    • Evolução da resistência a biocidas em Staphylococcus aureus em Portugal ao longo dos anos [pdf]
      Teresa Conceição, Hermínia de Lencastre, Marta Aires-de-Sousa

Plant Sciences

  • GPlantS - Margarida Oliveira Lab

    • Characterization of Jatropha curcas drought responsive genes [pdf]
      Margarida Oliveira, Tiago Lourenço

    • Identification of transcription factors regulating cork oak (Quercus suber)
      QsUNK1 gene during abiotic and biotic stress response

      Margarida Oliveira, Pedro Barros [pdf]

  • Plant Molecular Ecophysiology - Maria Manuela Chaves Lab

    • Wine grape quality – proteomics approach [pdf]
      Carla Pinheiro e Olfa Zarrouk


Technology Divison

  • Animal Cell Technology Unit
    • Engenharia genética de linhas celulares humanas para o melhoramento da produção de vectores virais para terapia génica [pdf]
      Ana Sofia Coroadinha
    • Nova geração de vectores lentivirais para terapia génica [pdf]
      Ana Sofia Coroadinha
    • Novel strategies for production, purification and maturation of cardiomyocytes derived from human pluripotent stem cells [pdf]
      Margarida Serra
    • Mathematical Modelling of Mass Transfer in 3D Cell Cultures [pdf]
      António Roldão, Margarida Serra and Catarina Brito

  • Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutical Analysis - Ana Luisa Simplício Lab [pdf]
  • Microbiology of Man-made Environments - Teresa Crespo Lab 
    • Characterization of the microbial populations enrolled in the antimicrobial degradation in wastewater treatment plants [pdf]
      Teresa Crespo and Ana Filipa Silva


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