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News 2016

Celebrating 23 years of ITQB's in Universidade Nova de Lisboa
António Xavier Prize
Award attributed to Paulo Marques
Best PhD Thesis 2015
Best Thesis Prize awarded to Cátia Nunes Soares
From the lab to the bedside - iNOVA4Health projects
1st iNOVA4Health Annual Meeting at NOVA University of Lisbon
Survival strategies for microorganisms
Evolution of gene duplication in Trichomonas vaginalis
Science Merit Award to Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada
Minister of Science awarded portuguese scientists today in Lisbon
European research organisations condemn physical attacks on scientists
Scientists call upon the European Parliament, politicians, society and the media
2nd General meeting Green-it
Researchers organize annual meeting of research unit
Science for better agriculture
ITQB NOVA research is helping to choose the best grass pea for the market
Biological molecules choose wisely
Different molecular parts of melatonin play different pharmacological roles
Five FCT investigator positions awarded at ITQB NOVA
Results from the 2015 call are out
Using silk for a better planet
3.7 million euros to produce sustainable polymers
2,5 million euros to prevent and control bacterial infections
New Portuguese consortium will go from basic research to the hospital bedside
How do bacteria get in shape?
First generation of elongated cells from truly spherical cocci
A night to celebrate Science around the country
On 30th September go meet a scientist
Clockwork bacteria
Unveiling the details of sporulation control in Clostridium difficile
PhD Fellowships Plants for Life 2017
Applications to international PhD Program are welcome till Oct 7
Lifetime Achievement Award to Helena Santos
Award given by the International Society for Extremophiles
Chemistry imitating life
On the 2016 Chemistry Nobel Prize
Discussing Legumes for a Sustainable World
2nd International Legume Society Conference held in Tróia, Portugal
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